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I offer a safe and non-judgemental space for working through difficult feelings and adverse experiences. Developing wellbeing and resilience through enhanced understanding of self and relationships. 

Trauma  •  Transitions  •  Anxiety  •  Bullying  •   Self-esteem  •   Bereavement

Parental Conflict   •   Identity  •   Self-harm 

I also offer a range of parent counselling and support options. This work helps parents to achieve fresh perspectives on issues and develop confidence in their parenting role, with the ultimate goals of strengthening parent-child relationships and improved family wellbeing.




When children feel overwhelmed by big emotions or difficult circumstances, healthy development can become stuck, impacting wellbeing, behaviour, learning and/or relationships. Working with a variety of mediums, I invite them to tell their story in their own way; exploring their difficulties in a nurturing and contained environment. 


Play therapy and creative work can provide powerful tools for expressing complex emotional material, particularly for children whose verbal and cognitive abilities are still in development. However, some children prefer to talk through their issues. My adaptive space and responsive approach empowers each individual to identify what feels most comfortable and appropriate for them. 


Adolescence is a time of enormous transition as brains and bodies reconfigure and social roles shift with the move towards maturity. It’s a time that can feel perilous, pressured and full of big scary questions: Am I ok? Am I good enough?, Where do I fit in? Will I succeed?  


Counselling (creative, play or talk based) can provide a safe space away from friends, family and school to work through these thoughts and feelings and build a grounded sense of self esteem and confidence.  With this age-group I can work face to face or online depending on individual preference. 

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Empowering parents to support their kids


The multifaceted parent-child relationship is always evolving and adapting to changing needs. At times this can be disorienting and the responsibility can feel overwhelming for parents. When a child or young person is struggling with difficult feelings, or when parents are encountering their own challenges which are impacting their child(ren), therapeutic parent support can have a profound impact on smoothing the tensions. 


I offer a range of therapeutic options, which can bring clarity to issues, empowering parents to find confidence in their own unique approach to parenting: